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About Us

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Who We Are

We believe in the healing power of social connections and shared experiences. We are a community of loss survivors sharing our grief and hope.

Our Mission Statement

Improving the lives of people who are hurting and need help is what drives us. We believe that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations and on the other side of our grief and pain is joy, love and purpose.

Our Story

Our Founder

In 2019, one week after celebrating the 16th anniversary of our first date, my husband ended his life. I was the one who found him.

It was the most difficult time of my life. I planned his memorial while fielding questions from his family. I assessed my finances, as insurance policies were null and void due to the nature of his death. I experienced a range of emotions from day-to-day and many within a day. Nights were long. I mourned the loss of my husband and the life I thought we would share. I wrestled with guilt and searched for answers to the unaswerable. Without a strong support system, including a great counselor, that period would have been lonelier and colder.

The fact that I was a mental health professional may have given me tools to navigate the complexities of grief and the challenges that come with losing a loved one to suicide, but it did not change the process that I would have to go through. Some things that kept me going were determination to grow, to survive with the hope that one day I would thrive again; I was willing to sit in an uncomfortable place and learn the lessons that it taught me; I also had a desire to help others who have experienced loss and empower people to live full, healthy lives. However, it was necessary for me to take my own healing journey first.

Three years after my husband's death, I lost my father to cancer. After several grueling rounds of chemo, we were told his mass had grown and there were no other options. This was another devastating blow as my father was also my confidante and dear friend. So, I mourned again. There were also other important losses during this period. It is sufficient to say I am well acquainted with grief and loss... but I have also discovered beauty and joy, the rainbow that comes only after the rain.

I spent decades managing processes and people for large corporations. Now, I'e combined my professional and personal experiences and founded Soul Survivors Support Services on  four basic principles: empowerment, education, connection and encouragement. I am here to meet you, a Soul Survivior, where you are as travel your healing journey.

Schmeikqua Greene, MS, MHC

Founder and Chief Support Coach

Soul Survivor Support Services, LLC

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